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Art cards are 5"x7" digital laser prints on 70# cardstock. They are packaged individually in poly bags, suitable for framing, priced at $4 or 3 for $10. Matted and mounted in a clip frame $10. Larger prints are available for most of these images. They measure 10"x12' and are a digital laser print on an acid free paper and signed by the artist priced at $22. If matting and shrink wrapping is required $25. Wholesale pricing available.
Click on quantity sector buttons to place orders. For special quantity orders please call
250 285-3438.

Chesterman's beach
Chesterman's Beach
wavescrash_D.jpg (73602 bytes)
Crashing Waves
surge_c.jpg (113677 bytes)
Surge Narrows Store
housepost_B.jpg (100089 bytes)
House Post
orcacruise_A.jpg (32216 bytes)
Orcas Cruising
bigbay.jpg (116501 bytes)
Big Bay
starfishseaweed_R.jpg (118404 bytes)
Starfish & Seaweed
starfishshell_G.jpg (78365 bytes)
Starfish in Shell
starfishrocks_F.jpg (85278 bytes)
Starfish on Rocks
aprilpt.gif (118137 bytes)
April Point Lodge
sockeyerun_I.jpg (35038 bytes)_
Sockeye Run diptych  
sockeyerun_I2.gif (106270 bytes)
      Sockeye Run 2